Trust, Are You Kidding?!
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Trust, Are You Kidding?!

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Your money is not safe…if you have it in a trust.

Do you know that if you sign a broad grant of powers to your trustee, that trustee can invest your hard-earned money and assets in whatever way the trustee wants?

Do you realize that because most estate planners don’t address how your trust will play out, you risk a trustee playing God and distributing funds in whatever way they wish?

Do you know that no one oversees whether your trustee actually complies with the terms of your trust?

This is only the tip of the iceberg. The trust industry is worth trillions of dollars. It is rife with problems that no one in the industry wants to fix because they make too much money off the system as is.

It’s up to us to fix it, and Sue Farley, J.D., shows us how! In “Trust Are you Kidding?,” Farley, long time trust litigator, shows us why the current system doesn’t work and then offers a real and very workable solution!

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